Catching the lyric of the country

Published : Sunday, October 28, 2007 | Label: Nature  

A taxonomy of Australian nature writing
It was an evening in September 2002, and I stood at the counter of the bookshop in Glebe. It was the night of the launch of Gum, Ashley Hay’s eucalypt memoir; and I was at the counter to buy myself a copy.

Right behind me in the queue, a woman asked her friend, ‘So, is this nature writing?’ This is not a question one expects anyone to ask in Australia,…


Nature Writing

Nature writing, it seems to me, is literature written from the soul of the world, from the heart of the wild, from the mind of some actual places on earth. The nature writer is asked to remember the earth—this living, breathing, eternally shifting, violent and tranquil planet that is mankind’s only home—in every sentence they write, no matter what that sentence has in its sights.
This is not so much a literature about nature as a literature written… Read More...


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