Writing Well: The Essential Guide

Published : Saturday, January 02, 2010 | Label: Books  

Writing Well is what my writing primer The Little Red Writing Book is called in the edition published by Cambridge in 2008 for the US and UK (and other English-speaking markets).

Essentially the same as the red book (2006), Writing Well is adapted for use outside Australia: more US and UK examples, my best shot at US spellings, and a few improvements.


Writing Well is a guide to expressive creative writing and effective professional prose. Enriched by examples from great modern writers and plump with exercises, tips and writing activities, the book practices what it preaches: it is a lively and readable guide to lively and readable prose.

“Mark’s book is funny, pointed, lean, friendly, and useful. It matters. It’s fun to read. It made me jump up and run to the typewriter and tell tall tales as fast as my fingers would fly.” —Brian Doyle

“Mark Tredinnick has written the perfect, practical ‘how to’ book on writing well. This is a writing book that entices and empowers the reader/writer rather than making the creative process daunting.” —Laurie Kutchins

“Reading this book is the next best thing to participating in a workshop taught by one of the wisest, most gifted and ingenious writing teachers you could hope to find—precisely what Mark Tredinnick is.” —Michael Pollan

Writing Well is available online from amazon and other sites, and in all good bookstores.


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