Works in Progress

Published : Sunday, October 28, 2007 | Label:

I seem to need to work on many things at once. I’m sure it’s a mistake. But I heard another writer say once that the virtue of the vice is that if one or your books is boring you or going badly, you can pick up another and see if it goes any better. It’s also inevitable that a working writer has projects at different stages of

When people ask me, “How’s the book going?” I’m sure they think I’m being prickly or pompous when I say, “Which one?” It’s not that there are dozens; just that I can’t always be sure if they mean the one I said I was struggling to compose the last time we spoke, or the one I was dreaming up, or the one that I was trying to sell, or, again, the one that was published last year.

So, if you wandered into my cowshed, you couldn’t be sure which of the following I might be working on, and the truth is you’d more likely catch me emailing someone or writing a poem or fiddling with some copy on something arcane for a client.


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