Weather on the Radio

Published : Monday, November 28, 2011 | Label:

Every day this week (28 November to 2 December), Jill Emberton is talking with me about the weather.

Jill presents Mornings on ABC Radio Newcastle (1233 am), and each morning at ten, she’ll run a piece of a long conversation we recorded a few weeks back—about my poetry and prose, my alleged addiction to the weather, and my book Australia’s Wild28 November to Weather. Jill will also play some fragments of “The Wombat Vedas” (which caught Jill’s ear because it won the Newcastle Poetry Prize this year) and a few of the more weather-blown poems from Fire Diary and The Lyrebird, along with some pars from Australia’s Wild Weather.

Listen in, if you’re in that part of the world or can stream things from the net.

And thank you, Jill.


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