The Burning Bush: West Australian launch of Fire Diary (16 Feb)

Published : Thursday, January 20, 2011 | Label:

Buddha found enlightenment under a bodhi tree, the sacred fig, near Sarasvati, in the Himalayas. Sarasvati is a river, said to rise under the tree of wisdom where the Buddha saw the ultimate light; she is also a goddess, and she has carriage of music, learning, language and poetry. She’s the mother of the vedas, the great hymns of Hindu wisdom. All of which gets started at the bodhi tree.

So the Bodhi Tree Bookshop seems like the right place to be giving Fire Diary its West Australian launch in mid February. Indigo Journal is hosting the gig (many thanks to Donna Ward for setting it up; the Bodhi Tree was her idea). And Professor Dennis Haskell, esteemed poet and chair of the Literature Board of the Australia Council, is doing the honours (thanks, Dennis).

The launch happens on Wednesday, 16 February. Bodhi Tree is at 416–418 Oxford Street, Mt Hawthorn; the launch starts at 5:30 for 6:00; RSVP by 10 February: or


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