The Blue Plateau Reprints

Published : Thursday, September 27, 2012 | Label:

First published in 2009, my landscape memoir The Blue Plateau has just gone into its first reprint.

The Blue Plateau is a fairly literary kind of book, and it doesn’t fit easily into industry categories: it’s creative nonfiction; it’s lyric prose; it’s nature writing. So I’m glad for UQP, its publishers, that the book has sold through its first print run (and that I’ve earned out my advance); and I’m grateful to the press, to Alex Payne in particular, for the faith they showed in the book from the start and the marketing and sales support they continue to give it.

I’m also quietly proud. Money has next to nothing to do with a book like this. No one’s getting rich on The Blue Plateau yet. But it’s finding readers—and it keeps finding them: that’s what this reprint means. If one had an ambition for a book as unconforming as mine, beyond getting it finished and getting it published, it would be that it find some readers who are touched by it, and that it not be remaindered before it had a chance to make its slow way out into the wider reading world. Mine has, and I’m glad and relieved and grateful.


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