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Published : Thursday, June 24, 2010 | Label:

On 13 July 2010, I’ll be the guest of The Avid Reader bookstore in Brisbane.

The event is a special salon on the writing craft. I’m up north because I’m running a nature writing workshop and masterclass at Olvar Wood the following weekend.

I’ll read a poem or two and passage from The Blue Plateau. I’ll talk about the making of poetry and prose; I’ll talk about nature writing, essays, memoir; I’ll talk about writing as art and writing as work. Since my new book, The Little Black Book of Business Writing, is just out, I’ll probably rant a little against corporate cant and talk to the ways poetry, or at least a little prosey grace, might help leaders lead, and businesses make profits and scholars make sense. And who knows what else. But I won’t talk long: this is a salon. So come along, and bring your questions.

Book on 07 3846 3422 or . Or else check it out at


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