Talking Weather and Words with Margaret Throsby on Classic FM, Wednesday 1 February 2012

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Margaret Throsby—whose interviews on Classic FM (ABC radio) I’ve listened to for ten years or more—invited me on to talk poetry, weather, grammar, music and ecology this Wednesday, 1 February.

Margaret’s format is famous: she leads her guest in a conversation that travels through his or her life and passions; the guest chooses five pieces of music they love; the conversation negotiates a passage, always elegant and often deep, between the music.

Choosing my music was exquisite and prolonged: for two days I replayed most of the music I love, in order to leave nearly all of it off my playlist. I was left with Debussy, Bach, Ravel, Grigoryan and Wasilewski.

It was a privilege to travel with MT through that music, the stories it tells (of me and others and other times and enormous moments), the passions that fire me (poetry, reading, graceful prose and vivid speech, music, landscape, love, art...) and the ideas and objects, the practices and people and places and projects I love.

Here’s a link to the interview:

Listen in, if you like. I think you can hear it on the ABC site for the next two weeks.


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