Spangled sentences

Published : Wednesday, October 07, 2009 | Label:

The Blue Plateau has published this week in the United States. Thank you, Daniel and Patrick and Jessica and everyone at Milkweed.

Just in time, Donna Seaman’s glowing review appears on Booklist (October 15). Here’s some of it.

Tredinnick’s mission in this strikingly beautiful testimony to the power of place is to convey the texture and ambiance of the Blue Plateau, and his spangled sentences glide like creeks around mighty eucalyptus, humble homes, and rough terrain marked by his neighbors’ stories of hard work, deprivation, stoicism, miraculous survival, and tragic death.

Tredinnick is an ardent listener and observer, attentive to animals, people, and weather as he reads deep time in the “narrative arc of stone,” immerses himself in old photographs and diaries, senses that the land “wants to be known,” and muses over the dream of belonging.

In this exquisite meshing of landscape and language, Tredinnick gives voice to the spirit of a place where longing and change are writ large.


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