Some new poems

Published : Sunday, May 02, 2010 | Label:

I’ve been writing lately. Just a few poems—when, as ever, I was meant to be doing something else. But it’s wise to sit on new work a while before sending it out into the world.

A few poems I wrote last year have recently been published. One was “You Know How This Goes”, just out in Snorkel #11).

“It’s a Little Early, but Let’s Call it Quits” showed up in Meanjin (69.1, Autumn 2010;

“August Sestet” was in The Sydney Morning Herald, 27 March 2010.

“Sometimes I Wear My Body” appeared in Five Bells (17.1/2, Summer/Autmun 2010).

The next issue of Meanjin includes “I Sit in the Night”.


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