The road south of your pocket

Published : Thursday, September 16, 2010 | Label:

Carol Jenkins, fabulous poet and also the publisher at The River Road Press, tells me that you can now download any or all the poems on my spoken word collection The Road South from iTunes. Here’s the link:

Poetry, that ancient literature, has prospered from every technological change and not lost its soul, and it’s looking and sounding pretty smart in the age of the iPhone and the eBook, too.

A friend encouraged me yesterday to start thinking of myself like anybody else. As if I were just another punter. I hadn’t stopped, actually. But she’s right: I’m no one special. These are not even my poems; they came to me. And I give them back. Like me, they’re probably nothing special either, but there’s a lot of love in them.

Anyway, if you want, now you can take the road south down any road you like.  Exactly where the road south ends if it starts in your pocket (on your iPhone) is up to you, of course. And the poems are yours to walk anywhere—ordinary or extraordinary—you like. 


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