My Perilous Adventures

Published : Wednesday, October 26, 2011 | Label:

The wonderful e-zine Perilous Adventures, edited by Inga SImpson and Nike Bourke, and connected with the writer’s retreat and nature writing Mecca, Olvar Wood, has just published a long interview I did with Sandra Hogan. It appears in Perilous Adventures 11:03. Here’s the link:

I found myself saying more about my childhood and first marriage and strange and prosy journey toward poetry. I reflect at length on my writing practice and the irreconcilable, if beautiful, breakdown many of us have to manage between family and work—artistic work, in particular.

If I were getting interested in my work, I’d start reading there.

Thank you very much to Sandra, for her generosity and care. Thanks to Inga and Nike for giving me the space.


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