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Published : Saturday, January 22, 2011 | Label: Books  

In July 2007, when I launched this site, I had five books to my name, and one CD. It’s been a rich and frantic few years: there are ten books now (July 2011), and two coming soon.

All of my books, I’m happy to say, are in print and available through bookshops or via Amazon, the Book Depository, or any of the other usual suspects. Or contact us and we’ll send them your way.

. The Lyrebird, (Wagtail 106), Picaro, Newcastle, 2011
.Fire Diary, Puncher & Wattmann, Sydney, 2010
.The Road South, River Road Press, Sydney, 2008. CD

.The Blue Plateau: A Landscape Memoir, UQP, Brisbane, and Milkweed, Minneapolis, 2009. Lyric nonfiction. Nature writing. “Really a long and very beautiful poem”, according to Judy Beveridge. My Pilgrim at Tinker Creek or The Meadow for the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Won the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award (2010); shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Prize (2010) and the ACT Book of the Year (2010).
.The Land’s Wild Music, Trinity, San Antonio, 2005. An ecocritic’s roadtrip through the landscape and writing of some lyric North Americannature writers: Barry Lopez, Peter Matthiessen, Terry Tempest Williams, and James Galvin.
.A Place on Earth (ed), UNSW Press, Sydney, 2003; U Nebraska Press, 2004. An anthology of US and Australian nature writing.

Books on Writing
.The Little Black Book of Business Writing, UNSW Press, 2010. The third in my series of books on the writing craft and life. I wrote this one with Geoff Whyte
.The Little Green Grammar Book, UNSW Press, 2008
.Writing Well: The Essential Guide, Cambridge, New York, 2008. The US/UK edition of The Little Red Writing Book.
The Little Red Writing Book, UNSW Press, 2006

Coming Soon
.Body Copy (early 2012). My second collection of new poems.
.>Australia’s Wild Weather (November 2011). A long essay on the nature of the weather, of Australian weather, and of who we are because of the weather we get. Accompanies a selection of photographs from the National Library of Australia. Published by the NLA.


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