Mending Your Nets

Published : Friday, September 17, 2010 | Label:

Almost a year ago Judy Beveridge asked me to launch her collection of poems, Storm & Honey. Thinking about Judy and her poetry and that collection in particular led me to write an essay, one of whose ideas is that the care her fishermen practise (in Storm & Honey) on their nets might stand as a metaphor for the attention and craft a poet might use, and Judy Beveridge more than most poets does employ, waiting for a poem to rise.

Parts of my essay, “The Cool Web” were published earlier this year in the wonderful Indigo Journal. The full essay has appeared just this week in Heat 23. I’m pleased for Judy’s sake to see the essay in the world. It also thinks some thoughts about poetics and the disciplines of beauty, that I’m pleased to have found an excuse to utter out loud.

My surname, in case you’re wondering, is not spelled the way Heat spells it on the back cover.


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