Watermarks, Rivers, Pan

Published : Sunday, October 28, 2007 | Label: Books  

As well as these three works, I have edited three collections of Australian writing. Each appeared as an issue of a literary journal, which I jointly guest-edited:

  • 1. Watermarks, 64/2 of Southerly, 2004. This collection of ecocriticism and nature writing in prose and poetry gathers selections from the first Watermark Festival of Nature Writing. It includes an editorial by me about that event and about the state and place of nature writing in Australia.
  • 2. Where the Rivers Meet, 18:2 of Manoa, 2007. I jointly edited this collection of fine contemporary Australian writing with Barry Lopez and Larissa Behrendt. This wonderful collection includes work by Larissa Behrendt, Judith Beveridge, Tony Birch, Vivienne Cleven, Louise Crisp, Roby Davidson, Luke Davies, Adrienne Eberhard, Stephen Edgar, Delia Falconer, Robert Gray, Martin Harrison, Kevin Hart, Ashley Hay, John Jenkins, Melissa Lucashenko, David Malouf, John Mateer, Roger McDonald, Louise Oxley, Bruce Pascoe, Debora Bird Rose, Kim Scott, Don Watson, Sam Wagan Watson, Tara June Winch and Alexis Wright, and two small poems of mine.
  • 3. PAN (Philosophy, Art, Nature) 4, 2007. PAN is an online journal. This issue collected the best creative and scholarly works from the inaugural conference (in 2005) of ASLE-ANZ, the Australian and New Zealand chapter of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment, of which I was a founder. This journal also includes an editorial in which I speak of the importance of a literature of place, a literature of land, in this time of deepening ecological crisis.


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