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Sharon Blackie and David Knowles of Two Ravens Press in the UK have just published Entanglements: New Ecopoetry. I’m delighted to have three poems in this lovely anthology: “Owls”, “Dress Rehearsal”, and “Reading the Gita Again in Early Spring”, all unpublished work.

The editors describe Entanglements as “an anthology of new poetry driven by the joy of our intimate entanglement with lifeā€”set against the spectacle of a planet-wide ecological catastrophe of our own making.” It contains some wonderful work. My favourite is Alice Oswald’s poem “Sharpham House”, which closes the book. Jorie Graham’s in here; so, too, Les Murray, John Kinsella, Ruth Padel, Paul Kingsnorth, Pippa Little, Terry Jones, Jane McKie and fifty or so others.

It’s a beautiful book in all manner of ways, and an act of love by Two Ravens. It puts poetry in the service of the real world, most of whose citizens have no means of speaking, except by living their lives, a thing that we’ve made more perilous for many of them than it should be; for some, almost impossible. Poetry helps by resisting the platitudes that have put us all in peril; by redeeming the moment; by crying the beauty and danger of the world.

You can get hold of the book at http://www.tworavenspress.com, from the usual online places, and, who knows, at a good bookstore somewhere near you. 


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