Cormac McCarthy without the bloodshed

Published : Tuesday, August 18, 2009 | Label:

I don’t think a writer really writes for anyone or even for anything. Writing is how I feel called to respond to the world—how I return to the world the gift of itself. It is my side of a conversation about the way things really are. It’s how someone older than myself opens his mouth and cries and prays and kinda joins the choir.

Still and all, it’s good to know that someone’s listening. Here’s a note that arrived this morning in my inbox. (Phil Harmer, the brother of this reader, was a creative writing student of mine a few years back.)

“My brother (Phil Harmer) gave me your recent book The Blue Plateau. Please know that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a book, to me, that needs to be read slowly and out loud.

“I said to Phil, it’s not unlike Cormac McCarthy, minus the violence.

“It is a lovely book. I have not read and enjoyed a book as much for a long time.

“Thanks, Dave Harmer.”


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