Catching Fire: Poems in Meanjin, The Lampeter Review, and Contrappasso

Published : Tuesday, December 04, 2012 | Label:

A clutch of new poems has just appeared.

1. Catching Fire

My poem “Catching Fire; Or, the Art of Sitting”, which I wrote in February 2012 (remembering the previous spring) performed on my tour of Canada in March and April 2012, and read again, soon after my return, in the Jenolan Caves, has had its first publication in Meanjin 4/ 2012. (John Kinsella has also chosen the poem to represent me in a comprehensive anthology of contemporary Australian poetry being published about now by Desperation Press, out of the University of Louisiana. That anthology appears soon; I’ll post a note when it does.)

A quiet poem for a brilliant bird, who teaches us both fire and silence.

2. Three poems in The Lampeter Review

The Lampeter Review, a very stylish online poetry journal published out of the Lampeter Creative Writing Centre at the University of Wales, Lampeter, has just published three of my poems:
• “After a Long Drought”
• “Forest Walk”
• “Your Voice”.

Check out the poems and the journal here:

I’m very grateful to the editors, especially Ros Hudis, for discovering my work and inviting me to submit.

3. Seven poems in Contrappasso

And I have seven poems in the second issue of Contrappasso Magazine, Matthew Asprey and Theodore Ell’s Sydney-based literary journal. Number 2 is a big a big fat issue, and it features an interview with Elmore Leonard, as well as poetry by old-timers Mark O’Connor and Antigone Keffala, and by sophisticated newish comers like Erin Martine Sessions and Chris Oakey.

There are some really impressive new works in here. My seven poems are

• “So Little To Say, So Much Space to Say It In”
• “Change in the Weather”
• “Blues Point Blues”
• “Tara; Or, On Looking Over Someone’s Shoulder at the Photograph of a Hindu Carving in an Inflight Magazine”
• “Balmain Aubade”
• “Sitting Outside the Airport with Basho, Waiting for our Bags”

Poems that span four years, several species of gods and weather, and five geographies, at least.

There are launches for Contrappasso in Canberra (Saturday, 8 December) and Sydney (Tuesday, 12 December):


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