ACT Literary Prizes

Published : Thursday, December 09, 2010 | Label:

The ACT Government has just announced the winners of the ACT Book of the Year and the various categories of poetry prizes they award each year.

The good news is that in all three categories where my work was under consideration, I shortlisted. You can guess the bad news.

So, The Blue Plateau was almost but not the Book of the Year.

The manuscript of what became Fire Diary, but which was called Rules for Walking, when I brought it together in March, was commended for the Alec Bolton award for an unpublished poetry manuscript. Jillian Pattinson won that award for The Infinite Library.

And my poem “Rain at Eltham” was shortlisted for the Rosemary Dobson prize for a single unpublished poem. There were some terrific poems in that category. Andrew Slattery won with his tender anticipatory elegy for his grandfather, “Always Sometimes Never”.

I should say, too, that the big prize, the Judith Wright Prize for a published collection of poems, went to my friend Peter Boyle, for his stunning, lyrical and groundbreaking collection,


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