A Place on Earth

Published : Sunday, October 28, 2007 | Label: Books  

image A Place on Earth (UNSW Press, 2003; University of Nebraska Press, 2004) is my anthology of nature writing from Australia and North America. It starts with an introductory essay in which I managed to say, better than I have, perhaps, said since, some things about nature and nature writing and why they matter so much. My book includes my “Falling Water,” about living in two places at once, both defined by water.

But read it for the wonderful prose of Barbara Blackman, Charmian Clift, James Galvin, Lnda Hogan, William Kittredge, Laurie Kutchins, Barry Lopez, Peter Matthiessen, Richard Nelson, Patrice Newell, David Quammen, Carolyn Servid, Terry Tempest Williams, Tim Winton, and others. For the book is a lyric essay in twenty-six voices about what it means to live well in the land, about what home means and how one might listen to the land to learn the crafts and truths we need to conduct our life wisely and well.


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