A Mouthful of Bright Blue Prayers: A Poem and an Essay in World Literature Today

Published : Tuesday, December 04, 2012 | Label:

Daniel Simon is running my essay “The Weather of Who We Are” in the January issue of World Literature Today—a wonderful small magazine that carries the world’s literatures to the world from Norman, Oklahoma.

My essay, abstracted from Australia’s Wild Weather (NLA, 2011), had its first outing in May in spoken word on Ockham’s Razor on Radio National. WLT is publishing the essay with some pictures from the book; alongside it, they’re publishing my new poem “Pavane”. Here’s how that ends:

From the pear trees
That stand at my study window, fruit hang heavy
In the harvested light. 
And the afternoon is a blue
Pavane, dancing gravely by in geologic time,
Her eyes closed, her lips parted, and her mouth
Full of catastrophic promises.


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