Cowshed One

Published : Wednesday, April 25, 2007 | Label:   Letter From Cowshed    Poems  

Straight from throwing what’s left of yesterday to the hens
and loosing them into their yard, I walk
to the cowshed and I bank
a fire in the stove in the room
where by now in years now gone
sixty cows would already have stood
and let themselves be milked and sent back to the paddock and the river and I walk
back to the house…


The cowshed

I work in a cowshed.

For over a hundred years my shed has stood here on ground that rises just high enough out of the floodplain of the Wingecarribee River, where that river throws a loop around Bowral. And for seventy of those years the shed did what it was built to do; it was a dairy. First it was, I believe, the dairy at this end of the big Eridge Park Estate, then it served the novitiate… Read More...


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