Writing in the Vineyard (short courses at the Bluemetal Winery)

Published : Saturday, July 18, 2009

Writing in the Vineyard—short writing workshops with Mark Tredinnick

Mark Tredinnick launches three new one-day writing courses to be held in the Blue Metal Vineyard at Mt Misery, near Berrima.

1. 26 August 2009, THE LITTLE RED WRITING WORKSHOP—a short course in grace, based on Mark’s The Little Red Writing Book, for everyone who writes and wants to do it better.

2. 23 September 2009, POETRY AT MT MISERY—a gentle crash course in poetic forms and techniques for beginning poets and poets looking for inspiration (and some good wine). 

3. 14 October 2009, A LITTLE BIT OF GRAMMAR IS A DANGEROUS THING—a short course in grammar for writers who’d like to know more about the inner life of sentences than they remember from school. Based on Mark’s The Little Green Grammar Book.

Mark Tredinnick has been running the Cowshed Classes for the past couple of years from his retired dairy in the Southern Highlands. Those classes continue. But the shed is small, and the demand for short courses in style, grammar and poetics is, it seems, large. Hence these new workshops among the vines and eucalypts of Mt Misery.  There’s more room at the vineyard. Not to mention the inspiration of the setting and the prospect of a glass or two of award-winning wine.

Mark is an experienced and much loved teacher; as ever, the workshops will blend inspiration, technical instruction, exercises, and readings.

Prices include tuition, materials, morning and afternoon tea, a stylish lunch and a glass of wine.

Next year, there will be new workshops: Keeping it Real (creative nonfiction); Write Where You Are (nature writing); and Write to the Point (functional and business writing). And a two-day residential workshop in poetry.

Find out more about Mark, the Cowshed and Mark’s teaching at marktredinnick.com.au.

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