Whose common wealth is this anyway?

Published : Monday, December 10, 2012

It seems we—and the land we say we love so much—dodged a bullet on Friday (7 December 2012). But only narrowly, and possibly not for long. (The States of Australia want the Commonwealth to hand back environmental protection powers to the States. Remember the Franklin, anyone? The super trawler? The Murray-Darling?)

I can’t think of anything more like a NATIONAL concern than the environment and its protection. Here, in brief, from an Op Ed in Saturday’s (8 December) Sydney Morning Herald, is how things stand. And it doesn’t look like we’re out of the woods yet; so if this concerns you, make a noise:

“A plan to streamline the environmental regulation of resource projects (conceived at the last COAG meeting in April) did not even make it on to yesterday’s agenda, having been subject to criticism by environmental groups and threats of legal challenge. The federal government instead deferred the question to next year’s COAG meeting, citing the failure of all parties to agree on a single framework.”