US Reading Tour for The Blue Plateau and Fire Diary (March to April 2011)

Published : Monday, January 10, 2011

The Plains Humanities Alliance have invited me to spend a week at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in early April this year. I’ll be giving some talks and readings and teaching some classes there—all of it on the ecotone between poetics and place, language and landscape. I’m very greateful to my colleague Tom Lynch for making this happen.

With the help of a CAL grant, I’ve organised a reading tour of the US and Canada around the Lincoln residency. It’s a nice opportunity to read from The Blue Plateau, published in the US by Milkweed, and from Fire Diary. My itinerary’s still coming together, but I’ll be in Iowa with Jim Galvin, in Portland, Oregon with Barry Lopez, in Minneapolis with Greta Gaard and Dan Philippon, in Virginia with Laurie Kutchins, and some other places, including Toronto, Ontario, Reno, Nevada, and Missoula, Montana. Oh, and New York.

I’ll publish my itinerary when I get it together.