True Religion

Published : Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Deep down, of course, all religions articulate the same poetic truths. And one of them, it seems, is single-origin coffee.

The other morning I found some very singular single-origin coffee at a cafe that serves it up as if it were the truth: True Religion espresso bar, at 415 Darling Street, Balmain. So lost was I, apparently, in my double shot of truth, and in a poem I made while I sat there—a poem called, as it happens “Lyre, lyre"—that I left the joint without my favourite pen. It’s beautiful, and it’s expensive—not that that’s the point—so I didn’t want to lose it. And I didn’t notice I had until I’d finished teaching a class three hours later.

The cafe or the classroom were the only places I might have left it. Turns out it was the cafe. Turns out my faith in the True Religion was well founded. The moment I walked back in, Peter the barrista held up my fountain pen; “Did you come back for your this? he asked.

So thanks to Peter and to Mariella. And go get yourself a cup of the true religion. Not only because they resisted the impulse to flog my best writing pen on E-bay, but because they may well have uncovered the secret, if not of the afterlife, then of the good life.