Three States: Roland Hemmert’s New Exhibition

Published : Sunday, February 07, 2010

My friend the painter Roland Hemmert has a new exhibition, Three States, opening in Tamworth on Friday 12 February at the new Weswal Gallery.

The show runs from 12 February to 11 March (2010) and features paintings and pastels of country in three Australian states.

Roland is an extraordinary artist, and these pictures, like all his work, only more so, are revelations.

Many of the works Roland is hanging I’ve seen in his studio in Katoomba, and they are remarkable—like the very best art, these pictures marry artistic discipline with originality of vision. Roland has the same love and talent for pigment that he has for the apprehension of landscape.  His austere and beautiful images rise from a depth of spiritual wisdom and embody a beautiful intelligence.

Charles Wright, a very great contemporary poet, who has influenced my own writing, wrote recently, with poetry, in particular, but no doubt ALL art in mind: “Cleverness does not last. Pain lasts. Pain and the rhythm of pain.” By pain, Wright meant all deeply felt and authentic feeling. Roland Hemmert’s pictures have that kind of rhythm. That kind of vivid integrity. That kind of ear and eye and heart. They’re pictures that will last. Go and see them.

The gallery is at 192 Brisbane Street Tamworth (02 6766 5847; ).

Check out Roland’s work at