Tasmanian Poetry Festival

Published : Monday, October 04, 2010

I spent the weekend (1–3 October) in Launceston reading and listening to poems at the Tasmanian Poetry Festival. This year’s was the twenty-fifth—making it the longest-running poetry festival (one of the oldest continuous and continuing literary festivals, indeed) in Australia.

Thanks to Cameron Hindrum, the festival’s director, and all the volunteers and supporters—for running the thing with such grace and style and for making me feel so much as though I was in exactly the right place. It was tremendous fun and a huge success. It’s nice to be worked so hard for poetry in such good and loving company.

This year’s guest poets, apart from me, were Peter Bakowski, Emily Ballou, Joe Dolce, Deirdre Kessler, Ray Liversidge, Myron Lysenko, Jacqueline Turner, and Ben Walter. Thanks for the words and the friendship.

Get along to the festival next year, if you can (I think it happens slightly later next week—the end of the first week of October).