Perth and the Pilbara

Published : Tuesday, January 05, 2010

At the Perth Writers’ Festival this year (25 February to 1 March) I’m running a short version of The Little Red Writing Workshop; I’m reading poetry with Robert Gray and Sam Wagan Watson; I’m a guerilla poet (so watch out); I’m chairing a panel on the uses of literature in Australian landscapes and the uses of landscape in Australian literature; and I’m sharing the stage with Barry Lopez, where he and I will talk through the moral dimensions of literature, in particular the role of literary geography in giving us back to the (warming) earth, and giving it back to us (before it’s too late).

Barry is giving the closing address at the festival.

He and I will also be launching a new nature writing prize. Watch this space for more on that.

And after the festival, he and I and some other artists have been invited to the Pilbara to wander into country and make some artistic responses. More on that, too, soon. But it is a great thrill to be asked; I have longed to get up there for a long time.