Cowshed Classes 2010

Published : Monday, January 04, 2010

The first cowshed class for 2010 starts Saturday 13 March and runs every other Saturday (9:30 till 4:00) till 22 May. (We keep the numbers small, so hurry.)

There’ll be a class in the second half, too: 17 July to 25 September.

The cowshed classes, held in the shed in the Southern Highlands where I write, cater for aspiring and practising poets, memoirists, essayists, and storytellers (short and long fiction and nonfiction)—especially those with a manuscript in mind or underway.

The classes use a classic workshop approach (a sustained gentle intensive) to help writers sharpen their technique, deepen their craft and make some progress on a manuscript. I throw in tips and readings and lead the conversation; along with fellow cowshedders, I offer detailed and constructive responses to participants’ work (syntax, style, structure, voice, prosody, the works). But the larger part of my job is to create an atmosphere of trust in which writers can take some creative risks and get some good writing done.

Come for the gentle exacting discipline; come to get to the end of a manuscript and make it the best thing it can be; come for the charm of the shed and the paddocks down the back and the hens in the garden outside; come for the food. You won’t be the same when you leave.

“The days in the cowshed had a magical quality. “ (Trish, June 2008)

$1500 (plus GST) covers 36 hours’ tuition and all food (morning tea, lunch and afternoon).

“And the food...well, it’s worth more than the cost of the course on its own.” (Jeff, 2007)

Register your interest on the home page (below); inquiries to