Climate change in Bowral

Published : Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yesterday, Saturday 27 October, Climate Action Now–Wingecarribee (CANWin) held a forum here in Bowral, at which representatives of all the parties (except, of course, the incumbent conservatives) spoke and took questions about their commitments to action on climate change. Dr Karl Kruszelnicki of the Climate Change Coalition, a new one-issue (but what an issue!) party, stole the show. Dr Karl is number two, after my friend Patrice Newell, on the CCC ticket; they’re running for a Senate seat at the Federal election on 24 November. It was chastening to hear his assessment, shared by all speakers, about the imminence and seriousness of global warming. We will be defined, and our futures will be determined, by how—and how fast, now—we respond to he incontrovertible and savage realities of planetary warming. “Climate change is real; we caused it; it’s here now,” said Dr Karl. “We need a War Cabinet approach, “ he added. Now there’s an idea. It was heartening, though, to see a group (CANWin and the large audience, I mean) so seriously committed to seriously committing politicians to begin the radical overhaul of how we live, which is what it will take to survive this challenge. It gave one more hope to hear these conversations in a church hall in Bowral than it did to hear an election analyst say the other night on the television that this election isn’t really about the environment. Who decides these things, one wonders.
Someone asked me if I was writing about global warming, and I said, “How could one not?”